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Product Details 


Faux Stainless Steel is made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)and is approximately 2 mil thick. It has a powerful adhesive on it's underside and is rolled with an 4 mil backing.

The backing has grid marks allowing for accurate cutting. The surface of the film is scratch resistent and cleans with any multipurpose cleaner such as Windex.

Faux Steel Film is heat tolerant to 150°F and does not show fingerprints.

The product was designed and originally manufactured in Germany, but is now produced in serveral plants worldwide.

The design chemists and engineers sought to create a tough, resilient film which, when applied to a smooth surface, would appear to be stainless steel.  The only differences were positive. The product was pliable. And it was installed with relative ease.


Since the product was introduced about 10 years ago, it has become an industry trend setter. No other manufacturer has been able to come close to matching the quality of Faux Steel film, much less at it’s price point.

Softmetal film is easy to install. The average DIYer will love the installation process (described in detail in the Instructional Tutorials contained in this web site). The film can be removed without great difficulty (see the FAQ Page).  

Faux Steel is sold in 36" widths. These sheets can be purchased in just about any length. And we now carry 2 shades of 36" wide sheets, the Satin, which closely matches current stainless steel applicances, or our Graphite, the darker stainless.

Be certain to stop by the Before & After page to see the amazing transformation made possible by using Faux Steel Film!

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