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You have reached this page because something went wrong during the purchase process.  It many times has to do with a server glich at PayPal.  Other times, the problem could be in your PayPal account, or something with the credit card information entered.  In any event, the transaction was never completed.


What to do now

We suggest you return to the Purchase Page and attempt the transaction one more time.  Click here to return there.


If you try again and end up back at this page, and you were using your PayPal account to pay for the purchase, you should visit PayPal and check your profile.


If you were using a credit card within PayPal, check to make certain the information you are entering is correct.


And finally...

If you just can't get your purchase to go through, send me an email and I will see if we can't get you your film in a different way.  Send me a personal email at:  tom@fauxamore.com