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Your Steel Film order or your Instant Granite Film order has been successfully completed!


What to expect now


1 – You will be receiving an email notification from PayPal documenting your film purchase. This email will be addressed to your email address listed with PayPal. If you don’t receive that email within a few minutes, you might check your PayPal account information to insure your email address with them is correct along with your Shipping Address! 


Your order will be shipped to the address listed with PayPal. 


If your shipping address was incorrect, no problem! Just drop me a quick email and let me know your correct address. Email to:   tom@fauxamore.com 


2 - We try to get your order in the mail within 5 days of purchase, most likely sooner.  But, depending on demand and availability, it could take as much as 14 days to process and ship your order.


Need a rush on your order?  Just email me at tom@fauxamore.com and let me know what your time frame is.  We're glad to be quick for you!


The day after we create your address label for the package, the order will be picked up and scanned by USPS.  At that time, USPS will send a shipping email to the PayPal email address which was listed on your order. That USPS email will list the tracking number for your order.  You can visit the web site listed on the notification to see the progress of your order.


3 – Your order should arrive between 3 to 4 days after the shipping scan. If it takes a few days longer, don’t get to worried. Remember, USPS is what it is. The US government … J !!!  But if it turns into 10 days, feel free to drop me a note at the address in #1 above. Together we’ll track it down.


That’s it! Thanks so much for trying my Faux Steel Film or Instant Granite Film.  Please review the tutorial pages of the web site just before you start you project. I want you to succeed! 

To return to my Faux Steel site, click here:  www.fauxsteel.com


To return to my Instant-Granite site, click here:  www.instant-granite.com


Thanks again for your order.  Good luck on your project!


Tom Tyler